Women in Craft Beer

While there may be a perception that guys are into beer, and women are into wine, that’s certainly not entirely the case around the Washington, D.C. area.  I recently attended an event entitled “DC Women in Beer Sensory Overload Food Pairing”, and besides getting to try a variety of beer and snack-food combinations, I learned that women are part of the craft beer scene in a number of ways.  The event was held at The Black Squirrel black-squirrel-logoin the Adams Morgan area of Washington, an impressive place for tasting, since they’ve got 19 taps on the main floor, 32 in the tap room, and a half-dozen in the party room, with almost no duplication!  And, they’ll happily sell you a smaller pour so you can try a wide variety.

Chrystalle speaks of beer and food pairings at The Black Squirrel

The Black Squirrel is woman-owned by Amy Bowman, and has been since it opened about fifteen years ago.  In addition to suggestions for pairing beers and free samples, I heard about home-brewing, beer judging, and more.  It was a great evening with some wonderful women!  Speakers at the event included:

  • Kristi Matthews Griner, director of Capitol City Brewing Operations;
  • representatives from Denizens Brewing Co, the woman and minority owned brewery in Silver Spring, Maryland;
  • Sara Bondioli of DC HOPS (Homebrew Outreach and Participation Sisterhood), a female subgroup of the DC Homebrewers club;
  • Chrystalle Ball, head of the local (DMV) chapter of Girls Pint Out, a national craft beer organization for women.

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